What is User Experience And Why it matters

What is User Experience And Why it Matters

Richard Huxley, the English musician, and guitarist, says: “If we can give people something that isn’t repeatable and isn’t copyable then all the better. So, what’s repeatable and not copyable? A feeling or an experience. Instead of complaining about declining CD sales, the music industry should develop new, more experimental formats.” Huxley, as an artist, has so brilliantly summed up the true meaning of the term “User Experience” or “UX”.

It is not surprising that an artist expresses the user experience with this ingenuity, as designing a successful UX is basically an art. In addition, marketing, before it is a science, is an art that requires creativity and thinking outside the box in most cases.

What Does User Experience Mean?

Experience is the sensations, thoughts, feelings, and actions of people when they are exposed to the same situation twice or more. The first time always affects the next time. As the saying goes, “first impressions last.”

What we’re talking about here is a subcategory of experiences for interactive products. Let’s be more specific and say that it is the UX of websites, mobile applications, and everything that is published and displayed on the Internet.

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On & Off Role of User Experience

When it comes to online businesses and their promotion of goods and services, user experience is a matter of life and death.

Oh really!

That’s because Internet users don’t have much time to waste in giving a second chance to a product or service that hasn’t moved them for the first three seconds. Those few seconds are all available for user experience designers to tell a story in which either the hero (product or service) wins, or the end is sad with the user (customer) gone forever.

Why Care about User Experience?

Three main reasons why you should care about UX:

First: The Customer

Creating and designing a unique UX whose mission is not only to attract the customer to buy the product. Rather, it goes beyond that to maintaining the customer and coming back again and again and talking about his experience in a positive way.

This is only possible when the UX satisfies the customer’s desire and solves his problem. While the opposite is the worst-case scenario, when a customer has a bad user experience, they will never think of coming back and will become your worst ambassador out there.

Second: Reputation

Secondly, it starts from where we left off firstly. Building a brand depends primarily on its reputation and how successful the user experience is in this matter. The first thing that expresses the reputation of the brand is the website, which serves as the front for the entire business.

People will judge your brand based on your user experience through the website. Therefore, designing a successful user experience is the first way to build a well-known brand and a respected reputation.

Third: Sales

The decision to purchase through the Website stems from the User’s enjoyable journey through the Website’s pages. When he enjoys the story you tell him before, during, and after the purchase. Only then will he return again to have the same experience and invite everyone he loves to repeat it.

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